Introduction to the Team Software Process

Humphrey, Watts S.,

Introduction to the Team Software Process Watts S. Humphrey. - Delhi : Pearson Education Pte. Ltd, c2000. - xxv, 463 p.: [73]

This book is having Appendix.
Appendix A- Need Statements For The TSPi Sample Exercises from page no 313 to 319.
Appendix B- Software Configuration Management from page no 321 to 328.
Appendix C- Software Inspections from page no 335 to 356.
Appendix D- The TSPi Scripts on page no 359.
Appendix E- Role Scripts on page no 383.
Appendix F- TSPi Forms And Instructions on page no 395.
Appendix G- The TSPi Standards And Specifications on page no 443.


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