Numerical Computational Methods

Patil, M. B.,

Numerical Computational Methods - New Delhi : Narosa Publishing House, c2006. - xiii, 669 p.: [1C]

This book is having Appendix.
Appendix A- Monte Carlo Methods from page no 421 to432
Appendix B- Essentials Of Programming Language from page no 433 to 439
Appendix C- How To Start Visual Basic Programming on page no 440
Appendix D- About C++ Programming from page no 441 to 442
Appendix E- Programs In Visual Basic from page no 443 to 524
Appendix F- Programs in Fortran from page no 525 to 586
Appendix G- Programs In C++ on page no 587 to 663
This book is also having Bibliography on page no 663.


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